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The UK government has now recognised the significant benefits of trees and tree planting as part of its fight against climate change.

Specifically, the government has announced plans to accelerate tree planting across Britain, as well as plans to improve the management of existing trees and woodlands. The England Tree Strategy aims to increase tree planting to 30,000 hectares per year across the UK by 2025. Thanks to this commitment, the nation will soon have a ready-made carbon sink, as well as an infinitely replenishable supply of green and sustainable building materials. Better still, this tree planting effort is being matched across the rest of Europe, where in managed forests, five trees are planted for every one that’s harvested.

Ultimately, the more demand that is generated for the use of timber in buildings, the more trees will be planted. This could lead to large scale reforestation of the planet, which is the only viable way of halting global warming.

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