Structural Timber: Sustainable Made Simple

We exist to inform, teach, and support those interested in building more sustainable buildings in structural timber. We are part of the Structural Timber Association, the leading authority for structural timber build systems, recognised for technical excellence, research, testing, superior knowledge, and leading standards.

Structural Timber for Net Zero

Architects, engineers, housebuilders and the wider construction industry are working to deliver low carbon more sustainable buildings. Find out what they are saying and how you can benefit.

Moving towards Net Zero

Governments across the world including the UK have set ambitious targets to reduce carbon and work towards net zero. 40% of global emissions are currently created through the built environment.

While achieving your own business goals, your aims will be to make it easier to build towards net zero, reduce fossil fuels and create a sustainable supply chain that supports your long term goals. Timber can significantly impact carbon reduction and influence change for the better.

From sustainably farmed forests across Europe where carbon is sequestered during growth to innovative structural timber build systems, more energy efficient sustainable buildings are supporting our move towards net zero.

No complexities, no compromise.

Future Homes Standard

Timber in Construction Roadmap

Net Zero

Timber build systems

There are four primary structural timber technologies, each providing highly energy efficient, sustainable, quality systems for use in house building and commercial projects. With low embodied carbon, these build systems offer design flexibility, with offsite manufacture processes ensuring quality and precision.

Timber frame
build systems







structural timber quality standards

Quality standards are a core goal for every project. You’ll want confidence that quality is built in, complies with building legislation, is fit for purpose with high performance materials. That’s what The Structural Timber Association provides though STA Assure, our unique quality assurance scheme with rigorous accreditation, that through testing, auditing, and qualification of manufactured products, gives you the confidence and reassurance to build using structural timber.

Construction training 
and upskilling

Knowledge and skill are important in any project. Never more so when you are striving to build with an unfamiliar build system. In an industry where experienced and skilled people have reduced in recent years, and where MMC and offsite mean changing skills, you may require skills training. Practical construction guidance for site and operation teams, inductions to structural timber, support for commercial and procurement teams, our members can guide you on where to find the right support to deliver great structural timber projects.

Your self-build home awaits

It’s exciting, nerve wracking and it’s all your dreams come true to start planning your ideal self- build home. Building your own home takes knowledge, expertise, and experience. From finding the right architect and working with the best self-build manufacturer, you’ll need help. You’ll find it here.