Time for Timber- Take Home the Future of Construction

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Thank you for visiting us to find out more about our Time for Timber campaign.

Enjoy planting your tree!

Why are we giving away trees for planting?
Through the “Time for Timber” campaign, we are taking action now. We’re giving away trees to raise awareness through the media and the public, that by planting and growing more trees, we can capture and store more carbon.

Our aim is to educate and promote the use of timber as a vital, natural solution to building more houses, schools and offices in a way that supports the UK’s net zero commitments.
Responsibly harvested timber, sourced from managed forests, offers a renewable building material that is kinder to the natural environment.

Now is the time to increase the use of timber as a construction material across the industry to safeguard the environment, today and tomorrow.

How is timber used in buildings?
Timber can be used as structural elements in the construction of homes, offices, schools and hospitals.

Did you know that in Scotland, timber frame is the preferred construction method for 83% of new homes? In England we are encouraging housebuilders, developers and homeowners to consider using more structural timber.

Timber framed homes look just like any other – you may even live in one! They can be built faster and offer exceptional energy efficiency.

Why is timber important?
Chances are that you’ll know the UK Government has set an ambitious target to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

One way to do this is for the construction industry to embrace the use of lower carbon building materials such as timber.

The Government supported this approach in its 2021 Build Back Greener strategy, which outlines policies and proposals for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy to work toward the 2050 goal.

Right now though, there is a real risk that the UK won’t achieve this target unless we ALL take action.

Why is timber the answer?
Trees capture, or sequester, carbon as they grow. Once felled, they store carbon within them. This is called embodied carbon. In fact, roughly one tonne of carbon is stored for every cubic metre of timber used. This makes timber a great option for reducing the carbon emissions of a building. Timber is a sustainable material that is replenishable and can be recycled.

Thanks for getting involved!

For more information on how to care for your Nordmann Fir tree, visit: https://timefortimber.org/care-for-your-tree 

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