A more sustainable home

Living more sustainably

We know that living more sustainably is good for us and good for our planet. Did you know how much you can contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of your home, when you build your new home in structural timber? Read on and find out.

Timber, the world’s most sustainable material

Start with the raw materials. Unlike other building materials, timber is naturally sustainable. When trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and that carbon is stored within the tree for its life, reducing the carbon in our atmosphere.

Across Europe and Scandinavia, forests are expanded and developed to enable trees to be farmed sustainably to provide us with more sustainable ways to build. For every tree that is harvested at maturity, five new trees are planted, increasing the ability to capture and store carbon in a sustainable cycle – capturing, storing, replacing. This is building for the future.

The timber used by our members is procured through robust chains of custody, demonstrating that it is responsibly sourced.

How does timber benefit your home

The two key benefits are the contribution to climate changed through reduced embodied carbon and a more energy efficient structure. We call it a Fabric First approach, an efficient way to optimize the insulation levels within the walls and roofs of your home, creating a fully enclosed building envelope, no draughts, or gaps.

The Fabric First approach reduces dependency on other heating technologies, making your home easier to control temperatures, all while reducing your energy bills and creating a better living environment for you and your family.

Steps From Design To Move In

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