Quality standards that matter

What is it?

STA Assure is the Structural Timber Association’s (STA) Quality Assurance Scheme that provides certainty in the use of structural timber and determines STA member competency and compliance. STA assure provides confidence to clients, insurers, and warranty providers that members are certified to specific agreed standards and meet all required legislation and regulations.

The main goal of STA is to promote the use of structural timber in construction as timber presents our best opportunity for meeting the UK’s net zero commitments by 2050.

In order to achieve this the quality and standards of timber construction must be to the highest standard; therefore, accreditation is crucial to providing investors and insurers with evidence that companies are held to high standards.

How does it work?

Specific to manufacturing members the STA Assure scheme consists of independent audit of members’ management systems, information flow from design though to installation on site, compliance with the STA installers training scheme and compliance with the registration of sites under the STA Site Safe programme.

Each audit is graded in accordance with a weighted scoring matrices and dependant on the extent of compliance with the Audit and the extent of other quality systems held, the STA member will be awarded either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze classification.

All other members are required to demonstrate they meet the quality criteria set out in the STA members quality standards policy.

The STA Assure scheme provides solid reassurances to the construction community that members meet or exceed current legislation and regulatory requirements. Recognised by warranty providers, as well as other key stakeholders including insurers, STA Assure ensures that we remain on top of the constantly evolving changes to quality and standards.

Fina a member

Speak to a member for invaluable help, support, and guidance. 

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