Why a sustainable home is better

The top 10 reasons why your structural timber home is more sustainable for you, your family and the environment.

  1. Comfort first – your structural timber home is designed around a concept called Fabric First. This means the focus is in creating a home with high levels of thermal performance, keeping you warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer. This approach also provides superior air tightness, improving the comfort of your home.
  2. Sustainable – timber is the most sustainable material in the world, a naturally renewable building material that sequesters carbon as it grows and reduces CO2. In sustainably farmed forests, for each tree that is harvested for use, five others are planted to grow for the future.
  3. Lower energy bills – The Fabric First approach with high thermal performance and no drafts, gives you a home that is more energy efficient, lowering your monthly bills while keeping you warm and comfortable.
  4. Quality built in – structural timber systems are designed and manufactured in quality controlled factory conditions with regular quality control checks through the manufacturing process.
  5. Better value – when you speak to your structural timber systems manufacturer as early as possible, it enables them to work with your design and recommend ways to optimize your design ideas while still delivering your vision.
  6. Great Aesthetics – depending on your tastes, you could opt for an oak framed home with some exposed oak to give a more rustic feel as part of your final design or the clean lines of more a contemporary design
  7. Lower cost – your structural timber build systems home is built in a way that saves costs on foundations, labour, and less waste to dispose of.
  8. Move in faster –structural timber build systems can be manufactured and installed faster than other building material forms. As the installation is not weather dependent, your new home can be wind and water tight in around 7 to 10 days, faster than more traditional methods with the full structure in place within 10 weeks from foundations.
  9. Great acoustic performance – structural timber buildings are easily designed and built to match or exceed the requirements of Building Regulations
  10. Versatile design – your architect or designer will love the freedom and flexibility that building in structural timber provides from large open spaces to your individual specification for individual rooms to light and airy rooms that flow and provide the best in living accommodation, all built to the necessary Building Regulation requirements.

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