The Grand Design effect

When you’re investing in a self-build home, it’s vital that you get the home of your dreams, including more ambitious designs. The self-build market has so many examples of stunning timber designs that really highlights how structural timber systems can be used to their best advantage.

With vaulted and taller ceiling heights, open plan living, spacious dormers, feature entrances and bay windows, structural timber can deliver all your aspirations and that of your architect or designer.

The inclusion of glulam beams integrated into the building structure enables greater open spans, for greater open plan living spaces in your new home.
The key is to establish your design aspirations early in the process with your architect or designer and then discuss them to your chosen structural timber manufacturer. They, alongside their qualified engineers, can provide a fully engineered solution.

The structural timber industry has evolved, with innovative products, highest standards and precision detailing, as it responds to the “Grand Design Effect’ where glorious designs are lifted from the drawing broad to reality every day.