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The Structural Timber Association has recently published an insurance industry guide to mass timber in the UK. The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with sufficient information to better understand the use of timber in construction from a risk management perspective.

This document has been broken down into six main sections: Management of structural timber projects, Risk management, Compliance, Structural timber and the built environment, Building Safety Bill 2020, STA technical document library. We’ll be covering each topic in turn on this website.

  1. Management of structural timber projects

Much the same as procuring a building using any technology, a structural timber building will follow the RIBA Plan of Work.

To achieve the best and most desirable build programme, early engagement is essential. This will ensure that the design and engineering will accommodate (for example) repair to localised damage in the event of fire or water ingress.

Designed with care, most buildings will allow for the removal of damaged sections of structural timber if needed, allowing replacement and reinstatement with no detrimental impact.

Early collaboration with the insurance industry has repeatedly given much better outcomes for all parties involved.

A high-resolution PDF of the RIBA 2020 Plan of Work can be downloaded here.

The Structural Timber Association’s insurance industry guide to mass timber in the UK can be downloaded here.

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