Skills Training

Having the right knowledge and skills is critical when you are embarking on a structural timber project. Knowledge creates confidence that in turn gives your team the ability to work successfully with your chosen supplier to realise the benefits of structural timber for your business.

When you work with an STA member, you’ll have reassurance that they have undertaken training as part of the STA Assure Quality Assurance programme while installation and erector members must be certified through the STA Installer Training Scheme.

All manufacturing members must secure STA Assure accreditation to be an STA member. Designers, engineers and installers who partner with an STA manufacturer must also complete training to ensure that the manufacturer complies with the requirements of their STA Assure accreditation.

Our focus on consistently raising the high standards for the industry includes our investment in the dedicated Skills Hub. Designed to provide information and signposting for our members, it aims to support learning for both regulatory obligations and best practice. Over time, our goal is to establish the hub as the place to improve competency in structural timber, while attracting new employees to the sector.