Manufacturing - the process

Offsite manufacture is the process of manufacturing whole buildings in quality controlled, often automated facilities. Offsite provides a number of benefits over traditional on site building, particularly as it enables simultaneous progress of the build on site while manufacture is taking place offsite. This saves time on site and can reduce overall project time, that in turn reduces cost. 

Once you have approved drawings and agreed a design freeze, your chosen manufacturer is ready to start the manufacturing process. Your architectural drawings form the basis of the manufacturing drawings as they prepare for manufacture of the building. Each element of the building is designed for manufacture and fed through their software technology, greater manufacture precision and quality controls, all part of this seamless process. Once manufacture is complete and final quality inspections confirmed, the products are ready for delivery.

Panels and other component parts are loaded for delivery in site use sequence, making it easy for panels to be craned into position on site, for ease and safety.

With offsite manufacture, there is also less waste on site and cleaner manufacturing enables recycling of materials.