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There is no denying that in using timber as the structural element to a building, there is a risk when it comes to fire, with the assumption from insurers that once the material is compromised, a lot of the building will be damaged and potentially require significant repairs.

The Structural Timber Association has embarked for many years on a continuous improvement programme addressing concerns on the fire resistance capability of timber in construction.

These programmes address risks of timber both during construction and in use.

The STA Site safe programme recognises un-protected timber can be vulnerable to arson attacks or accidents during hot works on site. Site Safe is a process to ensure the building is constructed in accordance with 16 safety steps to mitigate risks of fire spread.

In response to concerns about structural timber buildings in use the STA has overseen, in recent years, investments close to £750k in fire research confirming timber is a safe building system when built correctly. Furthermore, in responding to the latter, STA introduced STA Assure, a quality and competency programme to address any risks of compartment fire failure associated with bad workmanship.

For further details on the STA Site Safe programme:

For further details on STA Assure:

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