Caring for your Nordmann Fir

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Nordmann Firs are incredibly popular trees native to Europe, most renowned for their soft needles which they hold onto. The Nordmann Fir usually grow to between 40ft and 60ft in its fifty-year lifespan but will reach around 6ft within ten years.

1. Pick the best spot
When you get home, take a look around your garden and pick a spot for your tree. Ideally, you’ll plant it away from your house to make sure that the tree gets a lot of sunshine and that you have plenty of space for shearing down the line.

Alternatively, you can choose to plant your tree in a planter. In this case, choose a planter with plenty of space for the tree and root ball, and bear in mind that you may need to increase the size of the planter or transfer it to the garden over time.

2. Plant your tree
Dig a hole, either in a planter or in your garden, twice the width of the root ball and no deeper than its height. Gently place the root ball into the hole, holding it by the ball, and not the trunk.

3. Fill the hole 
Holding the tree straight, fill the hole with soil. You should pat the soil down, but not over-firmly or the compacted soil will prevent the easy drainage of water, which will affect the growth of your tree.

4. Ongoing maintenance 
There is little maintenance required for Nordmann Fir, other than ensuring that the tree receives plenty of water and sun. Another important thing to note is that weeds are detrimental to the growth of a Nordmann Fir, so you should try to keep them at bay in the area around your tree.  

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