Why timber frame is better

The top 10 reasons why building in timber frame is better for your business, your clients and the environment .

  1. Supports Future Homes Standard – timber frame supports a fabric first methodology , the ideal and most efficient way to meet upcoming building regulations. A fit and forget solution, timber frame combines structure and thermal performance, capable of facilitating excellent U values. Timber frame also offers superior air tightness for improved energy efficiency
  2. Cost – early engagement prior to the design process enables value engineering of designs, optimising savings , while meeting performance and design requirements.
  3. Improved cash cycle – Through forward planning project timescales and a faster build, significant cash-flow benefits can be achieved .
  4. Improved savings – timber frame construction results in lower site prelim costs, less material waste, lower labour requirements, improved productivity and reduced overall project timescales, providing better ROI. With just in time delivery to site, there is no need for material storage on site.
  5. Design flexibility – both open and closed panel timber frame provide reliable and efficient options to meet your structural and thermal performance criteria by retaining design versatility.
  6. Sustainable – timber is the most sustainable material in the world, a naturally renewable building material that sequesters carbon, and supporting a reduction in CO2 emissions . Timber frame, while delivering a significantly lower carbon footprint also creates energy efficient homes and buildings with lower energy consumption and reduced bills.
  7. Quality controlled – timber frame is manufactured offsite , enabling ongoing quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. Precision engineered systems allow for easier onsite installation . Timber frame products also have an audited chain of custody certification
  8. Shorter project times – timber frame provides faster construction than other materials and a typical house can be weather tight within 5 days with a 6 to 9 week build from slab. In stallation of timber frame is less dependent on weather conditions so follow on trades can begin earlier with multiple trades working simultaneously
  9. Robust supply chain – high quality timber is provided through a strong supply chain with sustainable farmed forests, guaranteeing continuity of supply, increasing capacity to meet construction needs . Combined with strong UK capacity, the sector can meet rising demand.
  10. Excellent acoustic performance – timber frame systems provide robust acoustic performance to meet Part E of the Building Regulations .

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