Why SIPs are better

The top 10 reasons why building in SIPs is right for your project, better for your business, your clients, and the environment.

  1. Fast construction – with offsite manufacture of the panels and just in time delivery, installation is a quick and efficient process
  2. Flexible design – offering design versatility including spans up to 5 metres for open plan spaces and the ability to combine with other building materials for varied aesthetics. With no roof trusses required, it’s ideal for vaulted rooms and creating room in roof spaces .
  3. Passivhaus – a SIPs build system can achieve airtightness levels as low as those required by the Passivhaus standard.
  4. Sustainable – timber has the lowest carbon of any building material. It captures significant carbon during its growth storing the carbon within the timber throughout its life. Combined with offsite factory controlled manufacture, there is less waste when using SIPs.
  5. Thermal efficient – the structure of a SIPs panel with rigid foam insulation core ensures low U values, a more thermal efficient building product that can conserve energy due to lower fabric heat loss .
  6. Lower energy bills – better airtightness means lower energy bills, and less CO2 emissions due to lower energy consumption.
  7. Quality built in – manufactured in quality controlled offsite conditions, each SIPS panel is made to precise dimensions, thus minimising errors or wasted time on site
  8. Easy for follow on trades – with agreed delivery and installation dates, planning follow on trades in advance is easier. SIPS can have windows and doors pre-fitted offsite, making installation faster.
  9. Improved health and safety – during installation of the SIPs superstructure, there is less requirements for other onsite labour and wet trades, thus less vehicle movement, less site disruption, all leading to improved safety
  10. Supply predictability – robust supply chain reduces risk of delays

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