Why mass timber is better

The top 10 reasons why building in mass timber, be that CLT or Glulam, is the right choice for your project, better for your business, your clients, and the environment .

  1. Sustainable – timber has the lowest carbon output, with carbon sequestered during growth and then captured. Coupled with offsite manufacture and little waste, it delivers the lowest carbon footprint of any building material. Each cubic meter of timber stores 250kg of carbon.
  2. Strong and lightweight – the lightweight nature of mass timber brings many efficiencies to a project including reduction in foundation design, less excavation and less concrete in the substructure. . CLT provides excellent biaxial strength and stability
  3. Energy efficient –using mass timber construction ensures a more thermally efficient building that regulates temperature more effectively.
  4. Speed of build – with systems manufactured offsite, there is better control of the critical stages of a project, contributing to project deadlines and delivering the benefits that faster construction brings.
  5. Value benefits – with early engagement and planning, mass timber can unlock many benefits to a project. The benefit of early planning and discussion enables those benefits to be realised
  6. Precision manufacturing – latest CADCAM technology with CNC capabilities enable products to be manufacturing with exacting tolerances
  7. Optimised design – due to panel sizes and structural strength, mass timber enables more freedom in architects design, including providing large open plan spaces .
  8. Biophilic design – research has shown that the use of mass timber within buildings adds to mental and physical benefits for building occupants, providing more aesthetic environments that support better concentration and happier places to be
  9. Quality – adhering to rigorous quality control, mass timber panels are manufactured offsite where quality can be monitored and measured throughout the manufacturing stages.
  10. Better health and safety – as mass timber systems are manufactured offsite and delivered just in time, there are less installation trades required on site . The large format panels require less vehicle movement on site which in turn lowers risk of safety issues .

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